Coconut Ninja // Experience Curator

Growing up as a tropical fruit-loving only child to a Vietnamese single mother who would stock the fridge with just the seasonal basics, it felt like a special occasion when she came home with fresh coconuts. I was 8 years old when she handed me this cleaver and taught me how to chop one. It’s something I've carried with me ever since.

Sipping on a freshly cracked coconut can magically transport you to a tropical paradise in your mind. It’s like holding a holiday in your hands. You can’t help but smile through every sip. Even though coconuts offer a taste of escapism, they also serve as a refreshing reminder to enjoy the now. It’s so easy to feel weighed down by our everyday lives, but a coconut reels me back in, drowns out the noise, and grounds me into relaxation.

Without events during the pandemic, I completed my graduate studies in clinical psychology to become a therapist while caring for my mother until her very last breath. Coconuts embody her spirit so perfectly, being tough on the outside with nourishing sweetness on the inside. 

My mission has always been to share our love for this magical fruit supercharged with an abundance of health benefits and spread some high vibrations while hydrating everyone with fresh organic coconuts from my motherland. Human connection is fascinating to me as there is beauty and wonder in creating communal experiences where we can slow down, enjoy a coconut, and savor the moment. Wherever that may be, let us be present.