Coconut Ninja // Experience Curator

Coco Lily Elixirs

With all events canceled until we can safely gather again, I've been experimenting with ways to naturally flavor fresh coconut water and package a bit of myself for you to take home. Excited to share these delicious creations that will surely spark some joy and support your healthy well-being.

Think agua fresca but with whole fresh coconuts (water and all the inner coco goodness!) combined with fresh blended fruits, herbs, superfoods, adaptogens packed into a mason jar to go (because it's eco-friendly and sustainable + everything tastes better in glass).


Made with love and intention to be enjoyed immediately or within 3 days refrigerated. Shake it up and drink cold.

Only taking orders locally in Los Angeles and Orange County at the moment. Message me @cocolily or email for more info on package deals and how to order. 

$11.11 for 16 oz

$20 for 32 oz


  • Freshly chopped coconut
  • Fresh blended watermelon
  • Ashwagandha extract
Much like coconut, watermelon is high in antioxidants and packed with super important electrolytes. It also happens to be nature’s sexy stimulant ~ rich in the amino acid called citrulline, which relaxes and dilates blood vessels while ashwagandha is used as an adaptogen to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Celebrate summertime magic with this big mood enhancing elixir that will keep you hydrated and help clear energy blockages to inspire relaxation flow throughout your body and put your mind at ease. 


    • Freshly chopped coconut
    • Fresh blended honeydew melon
    • Fresh mint leaves
    • Fresh lemongrass
    • Fresh calamansi picked from the yard

Raise your vibrations with this refreshing elixir made of peaceful green hues of luxury - the color of life, growth, nature, harmony, money.

Both coconut and honeydew are loaded with energizing electrolytes and rich in diverse nutrients that support healthy digestion and skin renewal while also reducing blood pressure and boosting the immune system. The sweetness of honeydew melon is symbolic for love and happiness while its seeds have been used for magical spells to attract abundance.

Lemongrass is thought to foster openness and promote clarity while mint is a symbol of protection and may even be used to attract prosperity. Both these herbs are invigorating with a cleansing fresh aroma that carry uplifting and purifying properties to awaken the senses and expel negative energy. 

Added calamansi to the mix, which is packed with vitamin C and can help control cholesterol levels while lowering inflammation and supporting kidney health. This tiny magical citrus fruit native to the Philippines (but harvested from my friend's parent's backyard) was the star ingredient and last piece of the puzzle to perfecting this concoction.